Online Activism

Online Activism: “

Pew: 14 Million Online Political Activists in U.S. Today | Personal Democracy Forum.

23% of campaign internet users has either posted their own political
commentary to the web via a blog, site or newsgroup (8%); forwarded or
posted someone else’s commentary (13%); created political audio or
video (1%); forwarded someone else’s audio or video (8%). ‘That
translates into about 14 million people who were using the ‘read-write
Web’ to contribute to political discussion and activity,’ the study’s
authors Lee Rainie and John Horrigan write.

* The most common use of the net is to find out candidate positions on issues or voting records, followed by efforts to check the accuracy of claims made by them or about them.

Imagine a political candidate in 2008 using Chipin (Netvocate) to publish and share his/her positions via video/audio. That could be updated depending on the site the widget is located or the viewer….

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