Hype on Widgets?

Valleywag has a post talking about the hype around widgets. DJI also bags on the perilous business model of widgets. The commentary talks about how “digital bling” as widgets have been described are a distraction to blogs and slow down pageviews. And where’s the business model?

I agree that many widgets are bling and that their value comes and goes with the whims of Myspace users. But I have been talking about these widgets as “dumb”, they are only glorified banner ads with a feature to allow ease of copying. What is needed is a “smart” widget that takes on the qualities of a simple application. A small intelligent widget can be an amazing tool for advertisers, brand advocates, nonprofits, most anyone that wants user generated advocacy to carry them into the social media space. That is exactly what we are working on at Netvocate and I believe we are going to show that there is a huge business around “smart” widgets. We may even help educate other widgets to raise their status 😉

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