I’m back and blogging!

My last post was January of 2007 which seems just like a couple of days ago.  The past year has been unbelievable.  I co-founded ChipIn early 2006 and we built a nice business providing fundraising widgets for a community of users that has grown tremendously.  People are using ChipIn to raise money for personal causes, nonprofits, and many other uses.  Fast forward to Jan 29th, 2008.  We launched a new product we call Sprout which allows anyone to build sophisticated Flash files without programming.  Our builder takes the best of photoshop/powerpoint and combines it with drag and drop components that allow for advanced features such as RSS feeds, jukeboxes, Meebo chatroom, Twitter, and almost any other 3rd party webservice.  Since our launch things have been going crazy.   We came out with a product that really solves a major pain that people are facing.

Ok.. lots more for me to write about so I better get warmed up again to this blogging business.  I’m already blogging on our Sprout Blog a couple times a week.

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