I don’t often get personally excited to meet people… let me explain that.  Most people I meet with these days are all business related and are great opportunities for me to share what we are doing at Sprout and to build relationships for the company and myself as the CEO.  Today I have a meeting with Mitch Kapor and it is a bit different.  I have been tracking Mitch for many years from his early days building a kick ass application (Lotus 1-2-3) to his eventual involvement in the Open Source movement(s).  Being a proponent of open source software myself since my early days of installing Slackware with a dozen disks.

Mitch is also more than just about technology. He has made a contribution to the world through his philanthropy and also his work to close the chasm between the have and have nots.  His foundation today hits many of my personal causes around equity, global climate change, access to education for low income and minorities, etc. I guess I hope someday to be able to balance my technology interests with ways to help change the world.  To continue the work I started when I founded Netcorps many years ago.   I want to be like Mitch 😉

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