March Madness

Whew.. I can’t believe it is almost the end of March.  This year has just flown by with the launch of Sprout, shifting the company from ChipIn and creating a new business.  Building a successful business is more than just launching a killer product.  It has to do with creating a kick ass team, listening to our users, and securing partners who complement our business goals.  Lately I have been focusing on wrapping a business strategy around an amazing set of technology built by Kevin and the team.  But strategy is just the first step.  Execution against that strategy is key to success.  There are many moving parts that have to work together.

Our plan after launching Sprout was “discover” what our users want to do with the product.  We had certain assumptions when we built our product.  That we would provide a tool that spoke to a wide range of users from novices to experts.  We wanted to build something that was totally different than anything else out there and focus on where we brought value and alleviated pain.  We didn’t want to build a better mousetrap or compete against a crowded market, but rather by providing an easy to use interface give users the power to create content in a way never before experienced online.

Well, after just seven weeks we can see the road ahead of us.  Our initial set of users have validated our business model and will be the foundation of our company’s future.  I can see the light!

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