Showcase Sprouts

Kevin spent a little time last night going through the latest Sprouts – here are the ones he likes so far from a design perspective:

Gannett News Service NCAA tournament widget:
Vertical size:
Wider size:

This is a perfect example of using multiple sizes for a campaign. I like the design of their tabs and how they put a background bevel on the RSS component.

Gateway Worship

I find it amazing how it’s usually the megachurches that make use of new Web technology when it’s introduced. This design is great in that it makes use of rotated elements, which is pretty much impossible to do in an easily editable way with *any* HTML-based design application. That alone makes this a bit groundbreaking in terms of Web design. Element rotation support won’t be truly implemented in a cross-platform way in HTML for at least a couple of years.
I also like how on their “team” page, they’ve made semi-transparent buttons as rollovers, which makes a nice effect.

Tokio Hotel

I like how they’ve taken traditional the music poster format/style and translated it into widget form.

Film Festival Gems

Custom button images, image borders around scrollable text areas, and multiple movie trailers makes this pretty decent.

Clint Darby

I like how they’ve combined a SWF animation on the main page, and how well the slideshow effect works with it on the “photos” page. Note that making small scalable images is a snap with Adobe Illustrator, as you can save your Illustrator directly to SWF format, which ends up looking really good in Sprouts.

Tips from the top floor

Notice the two Sprouts they have on the right. Their designs integrates really well into the overall site design. The small video widget supplements the main content, allowing people to have a richer Web experience without leaving the page.

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