What happens with social media now?

I just read an article on Techcrunch The Medium Is No Longer The Message, . . . You Are by Seth Goldstein, the CEO of SocialMedia.com.  He argues that identity is become the core of messaging, not the medium itself.  I do not believe that paints a full picture as a user’s identity and relationship to other folks is just a mechanism of social media, not the core persistence.  When brands are want to leverage social media, they need to look at the multiple graphs that impact a user.

What are multiple graphs?  Any user online is part of a web.. funny that the concept of the web is exactly how it all started in the first place.  Remember WWW?  World Wide WEB!!  Multiple graphs is a concept that my buddy Key Compton from xgraph introduced to me a couple of weeks ago.   The social graph is just one of many different graphs that make up a user’s profile.  There are many others… economical, behavior, personal, etc.  It is integral to look at all graphs when analyzing the effectiveness of content for users.

So, as a first blog post in over a year, I suggest that Seth’s article is limited in its scope, probably because he is focused on the Socialmedia Network product.  If you really want to reach customers with effectiveness you need to focus on making the content personally relevant.  This means accessing the multiple graphs that relate to each individual and making every piece of content personally relevant is the key to success.

More on how personal relevance on my next entry.