Sprout goes live!

Yesterday was a big day for me.  After launching Sprout at DEMO five weeks ago in private beta (invite only) we finally opened up the site for the world yesterday.   Now is when all the fun begins.  We are expecting to see a good growth curve, but also see users improve the sprouts they create.

I have also been casually fundraising  a second round for the company.  I use the term casual, because we do not need to raise money right now.  We just closed our Series A in Dec and still have plenty of money in the bank.  The reason I am even talking to certain folks is that they were referred to us by our partners.  Fundraising is really part science and part artform as there is no certain formula for when and how much to raise and in particular based on what valuation.  I’ll update my thoughts as I get further along this path.

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